9 July, 2006

ARANZI CARAVAN is a kind of exhibitions or moving shops for a limited term.
It has been traveling all over Japan since May 2004. We move from place to place like a caravan. That's why we call the event ARANZI CARAVAN.

ARANZI CARAVAN's main purpose is to introduce
what ARANZI ARONZO is and what it
does to more people in the region where
our shops are not available.
Our products are displayed in the unique canvas
racks as well as exhibits. We hope people can
actually touch them and feel the atmosphere of
our company shops.

We are going on tour to get to know
new people (and enjoy the local food!).
ARANZI CARAVAN may visit your town someday.

>> ARANZI CARAVAN blog (It is written in Japanese only)

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