It's just our joke.


We are sorry

This is the message from the real ARANZI ARONZO as below.

Hello, we are ARANZI ARONZO.
ARANZI ARONZO is the name of the company that makes original goods.
And it is the name of the shop, where the original goods produced by ARANZI ARONZO, are sold. Besides, it is a group's name rather than one person.
Such as a band name for music. A unit name, a stage name, or a pen name.
Anyhow, we are ARANZI ARONZO.
Our catch phrase is "cute, strange, cool, silly, a little bit horrible, stupid and comfortable ARANZI ARONZO".
We appreciate your remembering just ARANZI ARONZO at least if you can.

ARANZI ARONZO, Mrs. Saito & Ms. Yomura, began their business to produce and sell what they want to create originally by home manufacture.
And now we continue it.
But what we want to produce expands.
We made it. Stores, books, exhibitions, advertisement, and so on.

We are advancing steadily.
What's going on? We can't tell.


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